Mission Statement

AMFD logo bw
 AMFD Mission Statement:

We are honored, proud and dedicated to provide a rapid response to help people in the communities we serve for Emergency and Non-Emergency calls for service.

We will promote public safety and minimize the loss of lives, property and damage to the environment. We will always strive to improve our services. We will do this through innovation, training, prevention, relationships, partnerships and constant ongoing reevaluation of the services we provide.

AMFD Vision:

Evolve as an organization to continually meet the needs and demands of our community, citizens and visitors. We will improve the safety of our community and strive to make our community one of the safest communities to live, visit or work.

AMFD Motto:

Courtesy and Service with Respect.

AMFD Values:

Safety – Preparedness – Courtesy – Service – Respect – Integrity – Courage – Innovation – Diversity – Excellence – Teamwork – Community – Relationships and Partnerships – Public Safety Relationships and Partnerships


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